Poster Presentation NZAPS and ANZSOPS Joint Scientific Meeting

Microsurgery in Fiji (625)

Ricky Tenille Bilbao 1 , Semesa Matanaicake 2
  1. Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, TASMANIA, Australia
  2. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Suva, Fiji



Background: Fiji has a population of over 880, 000 people spread over 300 islands. There is a high incidence of complex upper and lower limb trauma requiring plastic and reconstructive services.  Microsurgical reconstructive options have been limited in Fiji due to the expensive equipment, labour intensive follow up and meticulous surgical skill required in performing these procedures. Through the continuous training of local surgeons, donations of equipment and development of local protocols microsurgical procedures are becoming a sustainable reconstructive option in Fiji.

Objectives: An update on microsurgery in Fiji will be presented including procedures performed, logistics, challenges and plans for the future.

Method: During a volunteer visit to Fiji a review of the microsurgical procedures performed, logistical challenges and the educational experience was conducted.

Findings: Successful microsurgical procedures can be performed in Fiji despite early challenges. A case of free tissue transfer for complex upper limb trauma will be presented.

Conclusions: Microsurgery is a widely accepted procedure for reconstructive surgery. Through a comprehensive education program and continuing involvement from dedicated volunteers and charity organisations microsurgery can be accomplished in Fiji.