Oral Presentation NZAPS and ANZSOPS Joint Scientific Meeting

Lower lid entropion: your one stop fix (602)

Daniel Allbon , Olivia Hill , Robert Weatherhead

Lower lid entropion is a commonly encountered oculoplastic condition arising from multiple causative factors. There are multiple surgical options for repair but many have a significant recurrence rates.

We describe a one-stage step by step approach to repairing lower lid entropion useful for the general plastic surgeon and the ophthalmologist.


This entropion repair comprises a combined procedure of a modified lateral tarsal strip, with additional stabilising lateral sutures, a strip orbicularis myectomy and a lower lid retractor plication.

This technique addresses the underlying histopathologic findings and provides effective vectors to address the entropion lid malformation.


This procedure carries an extremely low recurrence rate, has good patient acceptance, and can be performed simply in any minor operations room.